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Ear Candy Update Icons - The Wu-Tang Clan

An Ear Candy Update Icons episode dedicated entirely to the Wu-Tang Clan's rich legacy.

Download here: Wu-Tang Clan.mp3

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The Wu-Tang Clan is what happens when nine well-organized people who are in on a joke also happen to be world class MCs. No, for really real. World class. These motherfuckers were and are still on some different shit. Nothing sounded like them before or since. They have a unique style and that will be immediately noticable on first listen. They possess the sort of lyrical dexterity that sends frail egos wailing into a corner. They stomped a mudhole throughout the '90s and into the 2000s. When they arrived the Boom Bap of the early 1980s was on the downslide. The West Coast G Funk was in full effect. The Gangsta Rap of the late '80s and early '90s was still important. Socially conscious rappers like Chuck D of Public Enemy and Q-Tip of Tribe Called Quest were on the forefront. History remembers the iconoclasts - the ones who struggle…

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