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The Colemine Records Story

An Ear Candy Update podcast about a funk and soul label from outside Cincinnati on the come up.

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A few weeks ago I was raiding my local record store, M-Theory Records, here in San Diego. I had half a day off of work and a lot of spare change in my pocket. They have a great rack of used 45s and I really dig collecting 45s with the original sleeves. It's kind of my bag. Anywho... I noticed somebody had taken the time to create a divider with Colemine Records written on it quite carefully. I also noticed that this particular section of the bin was 16 inches deep and packed with singles from the same record label. My curiosity was on high alert. Spidey senses were tingling. I pulled out my pocket supercomputer and started investigating these bands. I went down the rabbit hole - the same rabbit hole you're about to go down. There's not a weak cut here. Some are funky, some are more soulful, but they are all stellar cuts. …

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