Ear Candy Update for Nov. 16

The freshest ear candy for your delicious ears.

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Yikes, yowzah and holy shit! The Feds are some persistent sister-fucking greed heads. They chased me up the Atlantic seaboard and into the Rust Belt, but luckily The Wilbury Compound is nearly invincible, much like Helm's Deep in Lord of the Rings. I was forced to shelf an autumn theme and the epic Halloween episode and for that the G-Men must perish. I hope an acid-pissing demon god relieves himself on them.

Anywho... I had to fall upon my backup plan (a must in this line of work) and conjure up some tasty tunes you listeners can enjoy. Hope I did you justly.

If I could make one single, solitary recommendation for you, it would be Kings Go Forth and their album "The Outsiders are Back." It is singly the hippest, illest, most fabulous thing I've heard in months. Hands down. There's a lot of great stuff going on right now in the music world. I genuinely hope this is a halfway decent snapshot. For what it's worth, this was a fucking blast to assemble for you.

-Duke Wilbury

If you have any suggestions, bitches, gripes, complaints or praise, email the Duke right here: Dukewilbury@gmail.com

The jams:
One Day - Kings Go Forth
Hawk Eyes - The Kicks
Traveling Shoes - Robert Randolph & The Family Band
When My Time Comes - Dawes
Answer In One of These Bottles - Caitlin Rose
Tres Brujas - The Sword
Big Black Train - Maxim Ludwig & The Sante Fe Seven
L.A. County Blues - The Band of Heathens
Back Down South - Kings of Leon
Misunderstood - Carolyn Wonderland
Alone - Dan Black
Bright Eyes - Vonnegutt
Arrhythmia Shuffle - Run With Bulls
Trans-Continental Hustle - Gogol Bordello
The Dead Dog - Portugal the Man


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