Ear Candy Update for Dec. 21

The latest and freshest pieces of ear candy for your delicious eardrums.

This poster is yours. Steal away.

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Download for iTunes here: ECU for Dec 21.mp3

We played a lot of killers on this edition of the ECU. We have some comedy hysterics, some jazz-based hip hop killer beats, some weathered country troubadour brilliance, some transcendent reggae from a genuine master, Brit-Pop craftsmen, AND we found time to include two new Tom Waits cuts. Frankly, we're beat, but that's not going to stop us now. We're on the verge of a breakthrough here at ECU headquarters. We've got some great stuff in store for the new year. We'll be including more comedy and spoken word bits and a lot more hysterical soundbites. The freeform show we did earlier in the year really got our collective creative juices pumping and since we did the "Kick the Darkness" show Duke's head is more clear and focused than it's been in a long time, if ever.

We hope you have a blast tuning in.

If you have any suggestions, bitches, gripes, complaints or praise, email me right here: Dukewilbury@gmail.com

The tracks:
Clang of the Concrete Swans - Comet Gain
Get it Daddy - Sleeper Agent
Honolulu Blues - Craig Finn
2 Cent - Kobayashi
A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall - Jimmy Cliff
Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue - Scott H. Biram
Talking at the Same Time - Tom Waits
Kiss Me - Tom Waits
A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) - College
Ritual Union - Little Dragon
Get Lucky - Dragonette
To Mess With Dynamite - Kids on a Crime Spree
Toilet Babies - Natasha Leggero
Bright Lights - Gary Clark Jr.
Orange Blossoms - JJ Grey and Mofro
Miss K. - Deer Tick
No Time for Dreaming - Charles Bradley & Menahan Street Band


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