Ear Candy Update for July 7

This poster is yours to steal at will.

Download for iTunes here: Ear Candy Update for July 7.mp3

Stream online here: 

Here you go, folks. This is our very first show from inside FCC headquarters. These guys are real jerks, but fortunately they can't regulate what we do or say here. Also, we fart in the elevators.

If you have any suggestions, bitches, gripes, complaints or praise, email me right here: Dukewilbury@gmail.com

The tracks:
 You Rascal You - Hanni El Khatib
Hang Loose - Alabama Shakes
Shark Inside - The Meemies
In Your Nature - Zola Jesus
My Perception - Black Box Revelation
The Wonder of Love - The dBs
Hey Na Na - Galactic
Wack Writing - Hannibal Buress
Chambermaid Swing - Parov Stelar
Waltz for Koop - Koop
Rebel Side of Heaven - Langhorne Slim
The Walk - Mayer Hawthorne
Thriller - Imogen Heap
Origins - Tennis
Temporary - White Rabbits
Bartholomew - The Silent Comedy


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