The Power and the Glory

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It's time. Fly your banners high, sport your team jerseys, hate the other team with all your guts. Welcome to autumn, welcome to football season. For the next six months we're going to rise and fall like the tide based on our team's fate. We glue ourselves to them, united in a common cause. You'll have to search far and wide for something capable of uniting Americans better than our collective hatred of... you get the idea.

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The tracks:
The Power and the Glory
Up She Rises
A Season Awaits
Round Up
Run With the Big Dogs
The Lineman
Fringe of Battle
A New Game
Dream of a Lifetime
I Like This Kind of Party
Life on the Wildside
The Autumn Wind
The Raiders
Get the Man
West Side Rumble
A Time for Glory
Waltz of the Goliaths
Magnificent Eleven
That's the Enemy
Classic Battle
Heroes of War
Brahma Bull
Golden Boy
Rainbows to the Endzone
The Final Quest
Road to Victory
Heroes of the '60s
Ramblin' Man from Gramblin'
Pain is Inevitable
The Equalizer
Be Savage Again
Return to Win
The Pony Soldiers
A Season is at Stake
Cossacks Charge
Winds of Victory
Salute to Courage
The Men Who Play It
The Championship Chase


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