The Devil In All Of Us - A Cautionary Tale

“Abashed the devil stood,
And felt how awful goodness is.” - John Milton
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This episode of the Ear Candy Update is not, by any stretch, a tribute, ode, gift, honor, laudation, memorial or offering for the Devil. This is indeed a cautionary tale. Our culture raises the occasional glass to the Devil and we often hold in high regard works created in his name. I mean not to preach, to be sure, but I know the guy has had a hold on me from time to time.

So get up with the get right. These songs are not little how-to manuals or advice. They are full of fear, pain and regret. Again, cautionary tales. Don't let it get to you too deeply, just take heed from the advice of others. Tread not in their footsteps.

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The music:
Me and The Devil Blues - The Cowboy Junkies
Devil's Waiting - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down - Uncle Tupelo
Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
Let the Devil In - TV on the Radio
Devils and Dust - Bruce Springsteen
Devil Eyes - Tim Buckley
She's Got the Devil in Her - Buddy Guy
Get Thee Behind Me Satan - Billy Joe Shaver
Devil Got My Man - Rory Block
Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil) - Robert Johnson
The Devil's Right Hand - Steve Earle

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