The Fall of the Wall and the Rest of 1989

"East Germans are free to travel where they like. With immediate effect." - Guenter Schabowski
East German politburo spokesman at a press conference after the fall of the Berlin Wall
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For more of the best quotes from 1989 follow Time Magazine's link here: Time's Best Quotes - 1989

A very deep and special thanks to Emily MacDowell Harding.

This episode is a look back to 20 years ago from high up on the hill of the 21st Century. Every generation assumes its challenges are more fraught with peril, more taxing than its predecessors - that their burden was perhaps heavier than any other. I cannot speak to that, but I do that as each of us grows old we cast an eye upon our conquered mountains. The truth is, no fair amount of explanation can do it justice. I can't give many heavy-handed words or half-assed explanations that will allow it all to coalesce into a pattern of sense. It just was and it is our burden to carry on.

This episode's lineup:
Fight the Power - Public Enemy
Wave of Mutilation - The Pixies
Head On - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails
Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode
Ever Fallen in Love - Fine Young Cannibals
Pictures of Matchstick Men - Camper Van Beethoven
Love Buzz (Live) - Nirvana
Waiting Room - Fugazi
Elephant Stone - Stone Roses
You Got It - Roy Orbison
Black Sun Morning - Screaming Trees
Me, Myself and I - De La Soul
Isn't It a Pity - Galaxie 500

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