Love Thy Independent Record Store

Being a show highlighting all the reasons independent records stores are superior to cash-greedy, homogenized, bloated mega chain record stores.

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The independent record store is, first and foremost, a social setting. It is an sound-filled room in which the music obsessed get their groove on. It is home to dusty vinyl, lost classics, in-store performances and fucking rad people.

It is part of the community. Every dollar one spends at cash-greedy, homogenized, bloated mega chain record stores goes back to corporate HQ, then the people get paid. Independent record store owners live and work in the community. They give back to it. They spend their money in the local area. Business support each other and the community does your record collection.

Long before iTunes had a genius function, your local indie record store did. He was called the sales clerk. If you wanted Beck's Odelay album, he may very well have pointed you in that direction AND given recommendations for one or more of the following artists: The Breeders, The Flaming Lips, Neutral Milk Hotel, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure and Radiohead. The first time I heard Sonic Youth, The Pixies, MGMT, The National, Nirvana and Tom Waits was in independent record stores.

The passion you'll find in the clerks at an indie are incomparable. The folks working at cash-greedy, homogenized, bloated mega chain record stores just need the work. A clerk at an indie needs it, but more importantly, WANTS to be there, in that store, helping YOU.

Have some self-respect and shop locally. Dig.

In the meanwhile, check out this trailer from the film "I Need That Record."

-Duke Wilbury

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Here the nation's finest indie record stores as selected from Duke's own personal experience. Click on the link to navigate to their pages.
Amoeba - San Francisco, L.A., Berkeley
Criminal Records - Atlanta
Other Music - NYC
Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art - Clarksdale, Mississippi
Waterloo Records - Austin
Aquarius Records - San Francisco
Dusty Groove America - Chicago
Ernest Tubb Record Shop - Nashville
Shangri-La Records - Memphis
Music Millenium - Portland
Ear X-Tacy - Louisville
Louisiana Music Factory - N'Awlins
Newbury Comics - Boston
Grimey's New & Pre-Loved Music - Nashville
Turntable Lab - NYC
The Electric Fetus - Minneapolis
Jerry's Records - Pittsburgh
M-Theory - San Diego
Sonic Boom - Seattle
Sound Garden - Baltimore & Syracuse
Record Exchange - Boise
Wuxtry - Athens, Georgia
Wax 'N Facts - Atlanta
Cactus Music & Video - Houston
CD World - Eugene, Oregon
Fingerprints - Long Beach
Looney Tunes - Long Island
Plan 9 - Richmond
Rhino/Mad Platter - Riverside, California
Magnolia Thunderpussy - Columbus, Ohio


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