Magneto Grins

Being a show themed around electricity.

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Download for iTunes here: Electricity.mp3

“Like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed. I drew with a stick on the sand the diagrams of my motor. A thousand secrets of nature which I might have stumbled upon accidentally I would have given for that one which I had wrestled from her against all odds and at the peril of my existence.” - Nikola Tesla
In honor of voltage transformers, cathode tubes, kilo-watt hours, circuit breakers, electromagnetism, surge arresters, static wires and amperes.

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The jams:
Live Wire - AC/DC
Electric Feel - MGMT
Softshock - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Electro Shock Faders - Hooverphonic
Electric Worm - Beastie Boys
Electric - Luscious Jackson
Electric Demons in Love - Electric Six
Electricity - Spiritualized
Electric Serpent - The Vera Violets
Electric Relaxation - Tribe Called Quest
3rd Act: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo - The Roots
Born Electric - Antipop Consortium
Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
Jeepster - T-Rex
Shock the Monkey - Peter Gabriel
Electric Barbarella - Duran Duran
When Electricity Came to Arkansas - Black Oak Arkansas
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - The Jimi Hendrix Experience


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