Stand Up and Holler - Strange Tales of Country Funk

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The period of musical growth from 1966 to 1969 was and remains unmatched in the realm of popular music. The landscape was changing at a feverish rate throughout the rock and roll world. Country music however is a traditional form and traditionalists didn't get the name for nothing. That's exactly why the outlaw country movement gets the attention it does.

That's also why none of these songs did well on the country charts. They were either too funky, too modern, or frankly, too black. The time wasn't right. That was then. Here we are right now though, about to go headlong into music you've probably never heard anything like.

I hope you have as much fun down the rabbit hole as I did.

-Jason Thompson, August 2013

 The tracks:
  1. L.A. Memphis Tyler Texas - Dale Hawkins
  2. Hello L.A., Bye-Bye Birmingham - John Randolph Marr
  3. Georgia Morning Dew - Johnny Adams
  4. Lucas Was A Redneck - Mac Davis
  5. Light Blue - Bob Darin
  6. I'm Gonna Make Her Love Me - Jim Ford
  7. Hawg Frog - Cray Fox
  8. Fire And Brimstone - Link Wray
  9. Street People - Bobby Charles
  10. Funky Business  - Cherokee
  11. Stud Spider - Tony Joe White
  12. Piledriver - Dennis the Fox
  13. Ohoopee River Bottomland - Larry Jon Wilson
  14. He Made A Woman Out Of Me - Bobbie Gentry
  15. Bayou Country - Gritz
  16. I Walk On Gilded Splinters - Johnny Jenkins

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