Fictional Funkateers & Made-Up Maestros

This one is dedicated to the imaginary, the fictional, the fabricated, and the invented.

This poster is yours. Steal it at will.

Stream online here:

Download for iTunes here:
Fictional Funkateers & Made-Up Maestros.mp3

If you have any suggestions, bitches, gripes, complaints or praise, email me right here:


The tracks:
Clint Eastwood - The Gorillaz
That Thing You Do! - The Wonders
Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees
The Dark End of the Street - The Commitments
Soul Man - The Blues Brothers
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre - Twylight Zones
Fever Dog - Stillwater
Fallin' & Flyin' - Bad Blake
In the Jailhouse Now - Soggy Bottom Boys
Angry Inch - Hedwig & The Angry Inch
Professionals - The Fabulous Stains
Garbage Truck - Sex Bob-Omb
I Ejaculate Fire - Dethklok
Can You Picture That? - Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight - Spinal Tap

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